I help organisations discover and create meanings that generate value and impact.



Serdar Paktin is a strategist, sensemaker and semiotician. He is a holistic thinker in cultural systems where he helps organisations find creativity and innovation at the intersection of culture and strategy. 

Serdar is the founder of pakt, a cross-cultural strategic consultancy based in London; co-founder of temaset sensory design studio based in Istanbul; partner of Cross Change, an impact-oriented creative studio based in Amsterdam.


In addition, he has been a part-time lecturer at the Communications Faculty of Kadir Has University in Istanbul for more than ten years. He is a published author in several books, magazines, newspapers and journals.



I write about cross-cultural understanding, cultural strategy, immigrant entrepreneurship and the outsider gaze.

Image by Sonia Dauer


I am a professional speaker, trainer and facilitator on cultural strategy, cross-cultural understanding, semiotics and going deeper into meanings.